About Konrad’s World Venture Project

My goal is to better understand the world by traveling and experiencing countries and cultures first hand. I am especially fascinated by how technology – particularly the spread of internet connectivity and mobile – is changing the world at unprecedented speeds. I am often working on projects with local entrepreneurs, businesses, and philanthropic organizations in the developing world, but if time or opportunity do not permit, I simply explore, meet people, and try to not get into too much trouble. I plan to visit every country in the world and this blog is a collection of my observations on select countries and how technology is impacting the world, as well as a few travel tips that may help others experience the world more.

Konrad’s Bio

Konrad Waliszewski has embarked on his World Ventures Project where he blogs about his international travels and how technology is transforming the developing world. In addition to the World Venture Project, Konrad is the Founder & CEO of TripScout, a mobile app that provides self-guided city tours from top local guides. TripScout uses proceeds from each purchase to benefit charities addressing local needs in the cities of each guide. Prior to TripScout, Konrad was the COO at Speek, a venture-backed startup that provides simple conference calling solutions and applications that enhance meeting productivity. Speek was named as The Wall Street Journal’s “Top 20 Startups of the Year” and Entrepreneur magazine’s “100 Most Brilliant Companies” in 2013. Konrad is also the founder of Apto Ventures, which provides deal teams for M&A, financings, and corporate finance projects for companies and private equity firms. Prior to Apto Ventures, he was a co-founder and Partner at Adventis CG, a financial modeling focused firm that helps companies – ranging from start-up ventures to Fortune 500 companies – improve their corporate finance, strategic planning and M&A capabilities. Prior to Adventis CG, he was an investment banker at GCA Savvian in San Francisco, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions, venture capital and corporate finance advisory for both venture-backed and publicly traded technology companies around the world. He graduated from the American University in Washington DC. His writing has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Rolf Potts’ Vagabonding and other business and travel publications.

Konrad was born near Detroit and raised in Nashville before moving to San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC. He is the son of Polish immigrants, who immigrated to the United States after receiving political refugee status for their involvement in overthrowing the communist government in Poland. He is a citizen of both the United States and European Union (Poland).


Konrad is also the author of A Tour of Washington, D.C.: Travel guide for the unique stories behind the monuments, museums & neighborhoods, which can be found on Amazon.